K.V. Abdul Nazar

Chairman & Managing Director,
Akbar Travels of India


Chairman & Managing Director of Akbar Group

In the 1960s, small ships carried passengers to Gulf countries, as there were hardly any Airlines operating flights to the Middle East and the aircrafts used were very small with limited capacity. The demand for travel to the Gulf started booming in the 1970s. Mr. K V Abdul Nazar, a youth from a middle class family from the small town of Ponnani near Calicut in Kerala saw a great future for travel business in India and started a travel agency called Akbar Travels of India in Mumbai. His vision and strong will power along with the determination to go ahead against all obstacles made the venture a grand success. Presently the group has grown to be the No.1 Travel Company in India and Abdul Nazar is the Chairman and Managing Director of Akbar Group, a conglomerate of more than two dozen companies.

Childhood in Kerala

During Abdul Nazar’s childhood days in Ponnani, it was a small coastal town in the shores of Arabian Ocean with hardly any development. Cattle would freely graze in the vast fields and farming was the main occupation as it is now. Karuppam Veettil Kuttiyali Master, his father was the Post Master and a known figure in the village. Abdul Nazar completed his early education at Achuta Varrier High School in Ponnani. His school mates remember the keen interest he had in sports and games, especially in football, the most popular sport activity in this area. He would join his friends for a game of football after school and on week-ends. His interest in sports is kept alive with Akbar Group having football and cricket teams of its own matches all over India.

Expansion in India

Akbar Travels of India was established in 1978 by Abdul Nazar in a 350 square feet office in Janjikar Street, Near Crawford Market, Mumbai, one of the busiest market places for handling ticketing, mainly to the Middle East. Abdul Nazar used to help the devout pilgrims who travelled from various parts of India for Haj and Umrah and charged only a nominal fee for the services. In a short time, the Company grew as a banyan tree with 56 IATA approved branches and 30 satellite offices employing over 3000 travel professionals. Since the year 2000, Akbar Travels of India has attained the pinnacle position in Travel market with mammoth all-round growth to become the No.1 Travel Agent with an annual turnover exceeding Rs.4,000 crores. For more than a decade now, Akbar Travels is the largest revenue contributor for most airlines, winning many awards and accolades.

A global citizen

Not resting with achievements in India, Mr. Nazar spread his wings and expanded to become a global player. In 2006, the first overseas Branch was opened in Sharjah in the UAE. The large Indian expatriate community in the UAE has aligned with Akbar Gulf Travels for all travel services. In no time, the Sharjah branch succeeded in becoming a leading Travel Agent. The expansion of Sharjah led to opening of 14 more outlets in all other Emirates. The success story in the UAE led to opening of branches in other Gulf countries – Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. As the Leading Haj operator, Akbar Group has close links with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for many decades. There at Akbar Travels offices in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dhammam in Saudi Arabia. Very soon, Akbar brand is all set to reach the shores of Kuwait.

Akbar Group

In addition to Akbar Travels of India, the flag ship company, Akbar Group comprises of more than two dozen companies which are diversified in various fields. In keeping with changing time Akbar has established its own IT System – Benzy InfoTech Pvt.Ltd. Following are some of the prominent companies in Akbar Group:
Akbar Online Booking Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Akbar Holidays Pvt.Ltd.
Benzy Travels & Tours
Akbar Forex
Akbar Academy of Airline Studies
Akbar Car Rental Services
Akbar Express Cargo Pvt.Ltd.
Akbar Insurance Services
Benzy Infotech Pvt.Ltd
Benzy Holidays Pvt.Ltd
Benzy Food & Beverages Pvt.Ltd.
Benzy Transport Corporation
Benzy Petroleum
Benzy Home Makers
Benzy Print Bureau
Benzy Fashions
Benzy Home Centre
Benzy Coach Service
Benzys Restaurants
Hotel Benzy Palace

Kerala Operations

Although Akbar Travels was established in Mumbai, and Branches were opened in almost all States of India,Mr. Abdul Nazar has a special interest to start new ventures in Kerala. In the northern districts of Kerala, there are Akbar Travels of India offices even in the smaller towns. In Ponnani, his home town, Mr. Nazar has started many ventures such as Benzy Home Centre, Benzy Petroleum, Benzy Fashions and Benzy Print Bureau, which supply top quality items at most economical rates for the customers and also provide employment opportunities for the local people.

It is the policy of Akbar Travels to try and give the best deals to the customers along with top class service. A lot of customers visit Akbar Travels as they want to go to the Middle East and other destinations around the world. With the experience and expertise in the industry, Akbar Travels endeavour to make the journey most enjoyable for the passengers. The word of mouth publicity given by the satisfied customers has resulted in many new customers coming to try the services.

He is the First Malayalee in Mumbai Fluttering Flag of success for 40 year as No.1, in Travel & Trade, he is relentlessly pursuing new challenges and new avenues to grow and expand the business. It is this indomitable spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship that has made Akbar Travels a household name in India and the Middle East.

Address :

Akbar Bhavan
69-71, Janjikar Street
Near Crawford Market
Mumbai – 400003
Tel : +91 22 2341 5800, 2342 6000
Resi : +91 22 2287 5000, 2287 8000
Fax : +91 22 2347 7000
Email :
Website : akbartravelsonline.com

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